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Nomination MIPIM Awards 2024: Best Industrial & Logistics Project

In a recent announcement, the MIPIM Awards jury nominated Larendael Development, led by creative entrepreneur Wim Beelen, for the prestigious title of Best Industrial and Logistics Project 2024 for the project: "CTPark Amsterdam City." This recognition highlights our team's tireless effort, innovation and dedication to this project. It is a testament to our vision of future-proof industrial spaces and puts us on the map as pioneers in shaping the future.

Core values of the Project:

  • Sustainability focus: Nomination for the 2024 MIPIM Awards reflects Larendael Development's commitment to environmentally friendly practices and reducing environmental impact.
  • Integration with Community: Our recognition of projects that improve local communities demonstrates our commitment to integration and positive contributions.
  • Excellence in User Experience: This nomination underscores our efforts to deliver superior experiences, with a focus on user satisfaction.
  • Economic Impact: Recognition of our project highlights its significant role in regional economic growth and underscores our understanding of economic contributions.
  • Innovative Concepts: This nomination celebrates our innovative approach and unique contributions to the industrial and logistics sector.
  • Architectural Design: Honored for the aesthetic and functional design of our project, this recognition reaffirms our commitment to excellence in architecture.

Being nominated for the MIPIM Awards 2024 is a tremendous honor and inspires us to continue setting new standards in the industry. We are proud of our contribution to the future of industrial and logistics spaces and look forward to continuing our path to innovation and sustainability.

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