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Innovative entrepreneurship

Two generations who look at the world together with an open mind, who think in terms of possibilities.
Central to this is thinking in terms of concepts, using the opportunities offered by waterfront locations, harnessing innovation and always looking for opportunities to scale.

Wim Beelen

Creative founder
In 2020, Wim Beelen sold the he founded, a sustainable contractor in the demolition sector, recycler of construction and demolition waste streams and processor of industrial waste. He changed course and started Larendael. The development of the sustainable last mile concept, the first multi-storey xxl logistics city hub, in Amsterdam brought him back to the water. A place where he also likes to spend his free time, because water makes the world much bigger. At Larendael he wants to stimulate and use the open-mindedness of the young generation. In addition, he wants to be primarily occupied with things that give him energy. Building projects from the ground up and making something beautiful and unique out of them.

Lisette Beelen

Marketing Manager
Lisette loves to create new concepts together. Encouraging each other to do things differently, bigger and more innovative, gives her energy. Although Lisette is the one who wants to have all the variables in view before she takes the next step. Lisette likes to spend her free time on the water. Living in the capital, she likes to enjoy hip restaurants and cafes with cosy terraces with family and friends.

Chris Blankestijn

As CFO, Chris ensures financial stability. By combining his passion for numbers and IT (data driven) with his sense of structure, he knows better than anyone how to make finance fully transparent/accessible on a daily basis, taking into account up to date data security and data allocation. By combining Finance, IT and the Business through data valuation and providing insight, the focus is on the right place!

Arnold Sijtsma

Operations Director
With a background in ecology and environmental biology, Arnold is the man who prepares and supervises the permits for the various construction projects. He also does due diligence in the areas of land use planning and the environment.

Gerard den Hertog

Operations Manager
As operations manager, Gerard is dedicated to improving Larendael's business operations. His proven track record in streamlining operational processes, managing the supply chain, ensuring safety and maintaining relationships with stakeholders makes him an essential link in our vision. His ability to complement data analysis with the operational perspective adds clear value within our team.

Jelle Beelen

Project Manager
"Then start from the bottom" was the message Jelle got when he wanted to work for the Beelen companies after his international management training. So Jelle gained experience as a hand runner, renovation runner, stood on the weighbridge, did the planning and much more. As a project manager, he benefits from his experience as a race car driver. With his perseverance and technical insight, he digitized the administrative process from order to payment at Beelen. An enormous efficiency gain that also gives customers more insight and service. In February 2021 he transferred to Larendael.

Claire Beelen

For Claire, out-of-the-box and creative thinking is her second nature. Coming up with new concepts and creating together; entrepreneurship has attracted her for as long as she can remember. She likes to get to work with her networking skills and commercial flair. A win-win situation for her and her relations is her ideal. She relaxes in nature during a walk with her dog or she steps on board. Sailing guarantees treasured family memories.
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