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New era of sustainable and efficient logistics

CTPark Amsterdam City is in the final stages of construction and will soon open to new tenants. 'Located in the heart of our capital city, this city hub is ready for a new era of sustainable and efficient logistics,' says Wim Beelen, director of investment company Larendael, the proud and creative initiator of the Netherlands' first XXL city hub. 

Just a little longer and countless users will bring their goods quickly and emission-free by electric truck, bus, car, bicycle and boat from CTPark Amsterdam City to the heart of Amsterdam. Exactly as Wim Beelen envisioned it three years ago.

Huge, multi-purpose building

''It's a huge, multipurpose building with every possible amenity and permit,'' Beelen says of the complex. ''Everything is allowed and possible there so that users from the entire breadth of facilities that the city needs, from the food sector, catering, e-commerce to the construction sector, can go there. The building also has a unique location, in the Amsterdam port area, on the waterfront, close to roads and the city center.'' 

The city hub includes 125,000 square meters of storage and "last mile" distribution space spread over two floors. Further growth of 80,000 square meters is anticipated. All possible business activities can be carried out there, from production, storage, packaging to distribution. On top of the building are also inspiring office spaces, with wide views over the city. 

When Beelen conceived the plan for CTPark Amsterdam City, no one was yet talking about "brownfield" locations, "convention issues," "doom" and "last-mile-solutions. Yet the design of the ctPark Amsterdam Cityhub touches on all these aspects. With 16,000 solar panels on the roof and 10 wind turbines, the building is completely self-sufficient. With the help of battery packs, power can be stored until users need it.

Companies with the same passion 

All around are 200 loading docks for (electric) trucks and vans and there are also 1600 parking spaces for vans and cars in the complex. Furthermore, there are plenty of charging spots for electric cars and vans. There will also be a fast charging system for electric trucks. 

Located on the North Sea Canal, the city hub has a 350-meter quay where ships of small and large size can directly unload and load sea containers from the ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp. 

Over the next few months, CTPark Amsterdam City will start looking for potential users. Wim Beelen's dream is for the complex to be filled "with companies with the same passion to

work more efficiently, use less energy and achieve lower carbon emissions'. 

Companies have space in the hub for all their possible business activities, Beelen says. ''Because they are next to each other here, they can easily cooperate and bundle transportation, for example. We want to help them explore how they can serve the city together.''

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