Amsterdam Logistic Cityhub


This is the Netherlands' first energy-generating 'last mile' xxl logistics city hub, with multiple floors and strategically located on the North Sea Canal and close to the capital city of Amsterdam.

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220.000 m2
11.000 m2
MAXIMUM SUSTAINABLE (fully circular)
BREEAM Excellent
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XXL energy generating city hub

Whatever you need in the field of logistics, at Amsterdam Logistic Cityhub (ALC) you will find all the space you need. The facility is the first multi-storey XXL logistics city hub in the Netherlands. From storage and packaging to distribution and transport. With a high-end office to oversee the operation.

ALC sets the tone for sustainability by providing users with all the facilities for 100% emission-free logistics. The water connection to the city center makes water transport with electrically powered boats possible. ALC also facilitates the realization of emission-free transport to and from the capital. With the generation of energy by solar panels and wind turbines on the site, ALC is self-sufficient.


From brownfield to most sustainable logistics concept

In 2018, Larendael purchased a heavily contaminated site, called a brownfield, from a pesticide producer in the Amsterdam port area.

Based on experiences gained in recycling, knowledge of logistics from waste processing and inspired by last mile projects abroad, the ALC concept was conceived for future, sustainable, delivery of the city. Amsterdam Logistic Cityhub has received multiple permits and has been granted a broad use.

A lot of work has been done. 100,000 cubic meters of heavily contaminated soil has been remediated and much asbestos removed. The 48 buildings of the original chemical complex have been demolished. Also, 500 meters of quay walls have been constructed on the site. At the start of construction in April 2020, the driving of 5,600 piles of 32 meters in length began.

"We have established a new perspective on inner-city distribution with the development of Amsterdam Logistic Cityhub. This hub sets the tone for the future of logistics and contributes to an emission-free inner city."
Wim Beelen

Our compass

What solutions can we offer to the logistical challenges of our own capital city? Our open-mindedness, the space to think differently and our conceptual thinking make us look at this challenge in a new way. We are open to inspiration and experiences from all over the world and dare to take steps.

Multi-storey xxl city hub

Amsterdam Logistic Cityhub features a very spacious two-story distribution hall, mezzanine, high-quality office space and ADR storage. It also offers space for 1680 covered parking spaces, 200 loading and unloading docks and a private quay.


In addition to a distribution hall, excellent facilities are also being constructed for transport by truck, bus, boat or (electric) (bak)bike.


The mix of activities and functions and the size and scale of the units aims at flexibility. ALC is suitable for different types of tenant profiles, but it can also accommodate a wide range of activities. From Business-to-Business as well as Business-to-Consumer and from production and warehousing to packaging and distribution.


On the North Sea Canal, a stone's throw from Amsterdam Centre with direct access to the A10.


Energy generating through 45,000m2 of solar panels and 10 wind turbines.

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