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Larendael acquires DECOM Amsterdam

AMSTERDAM - Investment company Larendael acquires DECOM Amsterdam, from KOOLE Contractors. The strategic acquisition of DECOM Amsterdam (DECOM) fits within Larendael's vision and contributes to the development and realization of the Dutch Superyacht Tech Campus (DSTC). 

DECOM is located on the site of the Dutch Superyacht Tech Campus, also known as the former ADM site. Because of its strategic location in Amsterdam's Western Port Area (ADM), The Campus (DSTC) is easily accessible for yachts via the North Sea Canal. Approximately 55 hectares are available to Larendael to realize, among other things, De Campus (DSTC).

With the acquisition of DECOM, the opportunity exists to properly and easily align and integrate business activities, in the current plans for The Campus (DSTC).

Unique and Durable: The Campus (DSTC) offers the space to design and produce the entire yacht on site, this will reduce the number of transport movements to a minimum (efficiency). Fewer travel and transport movements contribute to making the industry more sustainable. In addition, in the construction of the various facilities, energy neutral or even energy-generating is the starting point and transport on The Campus (DSTC) will take place by bicycle or electric baby carriage.

3,000 jobs and training places

In all, six covered docks will be constructed, with berths for vessels from 40 to 200 meters long. As additional service(s), "refits" and maintenance work on yachts can be performed. In addition, these dry docks will be used for refitting and maintenance of existing yachts. A yacht elevator is available for yachts up to 70 meters long, allowing maintenance to take place on shore. Outside The Campus (DSTC) there is the possibility of docking 40 yachts.

The demand for yacht construction has risen sharply in recent years. The Netherlands is among the world's top superyacht builders. In the Netherlands, 67 yachts over 50 meters in length have been built in five years. 

Wim Beelen, owner of Larendael is "enormously pleased" with the purchase of DECOM; ''It is a fantastic opportunity to fit DECOM's business activities into the plans for the area development of the Western Docklands. It gives the Dutch Superyacht Tech Campus extra appeal.''

'It's a fantastic opportunity for the Dutch Superyacht Tech Campus'

Paul Koole, director of KOOLE Contractors also calls Larendael's purchase of DECOM "a great success. His company will focus on its other businesses, which include those in the maritime and industrial sectors. ''It's a fantastic opportunity for the Dutch Superyacht Tech Campus,'' Koole says. ''The Campus can develop further through the acquisition. In addition, it is an important development opportunity for the nautical world. It's great that we can contribute to that.'' 

In five years, the old shipyard at the former Amsterdam Dry Dock Company (ADM) should be transformed into the Dutch Superyacht Tech Campus and provide a place for all parties within the yachting industry. 

Wim Beelen: ''The Dutch Superyacht Tech Campus offers every opportunity to further strengthen the strong position of the Netherlands in this market and to grow employment in the sector by as many as 3,000 jobs. The acquisition of DECOM contributes to this.''

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