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Larendael introduces Dutch Superyacht Tech Campus

the most innovative location for the construction, refit and maintenance of superyachts

On the 42 ha shipyard acquired by Larendael at the end of August in the Western Docklands of Amsterdam, we are going to develop a campus where several superyachts up to 200 meters can be designed and built. Refits and maintenance of super yachts can also be carried out here, both from private owners and from other shipyards. Uniquely, the Campus will offer the opportunity to design and produce the entire yacht on site, as well as provide space for training.


Innovation is central to the concept of the Campus. We invest in facilities and technical resources to encourage collaboration where possible, with open innovation as the goal. Examples include the search for alternative fuels, but we also see opportunities to make the construction process and the materials used in the ships more sustainable.

Demand for superyachts increases

There are currently some 5,500 superyachts in the world and nearly 200 are added each year. There is particularly high demand from America, the Far East, Middle East and Eastern Europe. Our country has been known worldwide for centuries for its many boat builders. With our quality, reliability, innovation and design, the Netherlands also belongs to the world's top in building superyachts. Superyachts are also becoming increasingly larger. In the past five years, 67 superyachts with a length of more than 50 meters were built in the Netherlands alone. To be able to build and maintain these large super yachts, shipyards are needed that are easily accessible and have the right facilities.

Dutch Superyacht Tech Campus

The Dutch Superyacht Tech Campus is easily accessible for superyachts via the North Sea Canal. A total of seven covered docks will be built, four large docks with a length of up to 200 meters and three large docks with a length of up to 155 meters. In addition, these dry docks will also be used for refits and maintenance of existing superyachts. A yacht elevator will be available for yachts up to 80 meters, allowing maintenance to take place ashore. Outside, there will be space for mooring 40 superyachts up to 200 meters long, with a water depth of up to 13 meters.

Wim Beelen (Creative Founder, Larendael): "With the development of the Dutch Superyacht Tech Campus, we are investing in the future of shipping at a place with a rich history, namely where the leading shipyard, the Amsterdamsche Droogdok Maatschappij (ADM), operated in the 18th and 19th centuries."

Stimulating environment

With the Dutch Superyacht Tech Campus, we are creating an environment where craftsmanship, innovation and sustainability are central. By offering an increase in scale at a location that is accessible without restrictions - both via the water and via the land, we offer superyacht yards and suppliers every opportunity to further expand the Dutch competitive position in the superyacht industry not only in size but also in quality.

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