Building a project from the ground up, that's what gives us energy



Larendael invests in projects and ideas that are sustainable, innovative and challenging.
Creation and passion are in our DNA in this regard.
We like to build something from the ground up and have the commitment and creative entrepreneurship to actually realize it. Characteristics with which we realize impressive transformations in land development
and introduce special, innovative, concepts within tech, logistics and yacht building. And we are continuously expanding our field of work.
No matter how big the project, we keep speed in decisions thanks to a sound financial basis, our compact team and solid internal knowledge and market sense. Because we work with passion, every day gives us inspiration to create a better future for future generations.
Thinking in concepts

At the start of a project, we focus on the bigger picture. By taking all variables into account, we are able to develop a unique plan and enthuse stakeholders.
Water for strong positioning
The fact that our projects are primarily located on the waterfront is no coincidence. The waterfront location provides enormous opportunities to open up the land and optimize logistical processes and make them more sustainable.
Innovation as a strength

We are innovation-oriented and believe in the development and introduction of new or improved products, services and processes. Innovation is important to us to continuously improve effectiveness and efficiency.

A future-proof approach means that we always look for opportunities to easily make existing configurations larger. We invest in structural solutions that will last for years.

Our unique approach

Considerations in the decision process
Deep market knowledge
Calculated risk
Decide quickly
Concept development and execution
Investing in potential
Concept development
Tech driven solutions
Long-term vision
Timing and execution of
sales process
Strongly positioned
Proven concept
Shared vision
Good return


At the end of August 2021, we purchased a parcel consisting of 43.5 acres of land and private water. We will also develop something unique here.

In a stately mansion dating from 1884, on the Amstel in Amsterdam, we have sustainably renovated an apartment complex.

Where there used to be pastures on the canal from Ghent to Terneuzen, we have developed one of the most sustainable recycling sites.

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Our Team

Wim Beelen
Creative Founder
Wim Beelen
Creative Founder
Plotting the strategic route, anticipating developments and coming up with groundbreaking concepts. Wim has been doing it since he was a teenager.
Arnold Sijtsma
Operations Director
Arnold Sijtsma
Operations Director
With a background in ecology and environmental biology, Arnold is the man who prepares and supervises the permits for the various construction projects. He also does due diligence in the areas of land use planning and the environment.
Gerard den Hertog
Operations Manager
Gerard den Hertog
Operations Manager
As operations manager, Gerard is dedicated to improving Larendael's business operations. His proven track record in streamlining operational processes, managing the supply chain, ensuring safety and maintaining relationships with stakeholders makes him an essential link in our vision. His ability to complement data analysis with the operational perspective adds clear value within our team.
Chris Blankestijn
Chris Blankestijn
As CFO, Chris ensures financial stability. By combining his passion for numbers and IT (data driven) with his sense of structure, he knows better than anyone how to make finance fully transparent/accessible on a daily basis, taking into account up to date data security and data allocation. By combining Finance, IT and the Business through data valuation and providing insight, the focus is on the right place!
Elsbeth de Man
Personal Assistant
Elsbeth de Man
Personal Assistant
As his right hand Elsbeth ensures that Wim can perform optimally and does not have to worry about the side issues. Flexible, helpful and a great organiser. It is no coincidence that they have been working together for 15 years.

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February 2, 2024

In a recent announcement, the MIPIM Awards jury nominated Larendael Development, led by creative founder Wim Beelen, for the prestigious title of Best Industrial and Logistics Project 2024 for the project: "CTPark Amsterdam City."

March 15, 2023

'We are enormously proud! After a long road we have finally started the construction of the Dutch Superyacht Tech Campus,' said Wim Beelen, director of development company Larendael.

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